My Motivation For Pursuing A Career As A Teacher

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2017 Great Teaching, Inspired Learning - teach.Rural Scholarship (Job Reference Number: 00004GHG)
1.Please provide a detailed statement (approximately 1/4 to 1/2 A4 page) outlining your motivation for pursuing a career as a teacher in a NSW public school.
There have been many factors that have inspired me to this career choice. Watching my teachers, both past and present, has inspired me to become a teacher. I have a genuine interest in lifelong learning and as such I have the desire to not only instil knowledge and values to others, but also encourage them to share my passion for learning. Social Justice and leadership roles at school, along with my extra-curricular involvement with Cowra Youth Council, have highlighted my ability to work with and for the benefit of young people. In essence I know that my abilities and aspirations will make me a good teacher.
My motivation also extended from watching my parents, both my mother and father are employed as primary and secondary teachers in public schools, respectively. Also on my mother’s side her parents were both worked in secondary education. Whilst I didn’t realise the exact power of their influence until recently, I have come to note that it was probably their enthusiasm and love for their job, their constant desire to learn and make a difference in the world through education that has influenced me into choosing my career path. Their roles have also made me realise the importance of teachers and the power they have to help those in need and change lives.
As for science, I have always had a passion for it, always been interested in finding solutions to problems. Whether that be STEM related, people related or otherwise. You give me a problem, most of the time ill attempt to d...

... middle of paper ... that I would not be prepared to work with and advancing towards common goals of national education. I believe that the challenges of this profession, give it character and that the benefits far outweigh the hardships that potentially could be faced.
I would be honoured to be given the chance to complete my tertiary studies under the Teach NSW rural scholarship, as I believe that I would be exposed to a positive environment, in which I would enjoy coming to learn. I believe that your scholarship has so much to offer me, but I also believe that I have the potential to offer the public schools education system just as much if given the chance.
I know that my aspirations, ability and confidence will make me a successful member of the NSW public teaching community. For these reasons I would like you to consider my application to the teach Rural scholarship in 2016.

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