Perceptions of Nurses Practitioners in Primary Care

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Introduction: The purpose of this literature review was to understand the patient perceptions of nurse practitioners in primary care versus a medical physician in primary care. There is very little research that addresses patient perceptions of nurse practitioners delivering primary care versus medical physicians also in primary care. Due to the lack of research in this area, the focus of this literature review shifted to nurse practitioner and physician perceptions of nurse practitioners in primary care and patient outcomes. The one study found on patient perceptions regarding nurse practitioners delivering primary care had similar results to other studies that looked at nurse practitioner and physician perceptions in that the care delivered by nurse practitioners are standard to above standard care. In 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act. It was created to reform the healthcare policies in the United States. Gable (2011) states that the range of ACA provisions designed to expand insurance coverage, control costs, and target prevention has the potential to improve population-level outcomes across all income groups. He further states that by establishing a legal infrastructure that seeks to achieve universal health insurance coverage in the United States, that the ACA targets some of the major barriers to accessing healthcare for millions of Americans (Gable, 2011). One of the major components of the Affordable Care Act is health insurance being available to all U.S. citizens. The Affordable Care Act (2010) states that for Americans who have insurance that they like, they can continue to carry their current insurance but for those who are uninsured they will be able to choose insurance cover... ... middle of paper ... ...ts and limitations of nurses taking on aspects of the clinical role of doctors in primary care: integrative literature review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66(8), 1658-1670. Doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2010.05327.x Redsell, S., Stokes, T., Jackson, C., Hastings, A., Baker, R. (2007). Patients’ accounts of the differences in nurses’ and general practitioners’ roles in primary care. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 57(2), 172-180. Stempniak, M. (2013). Closing the primary gap. Hospitals & Healthworks/AHA, 87(3), 45. Street, D., Cossman, J. (2010). Does familiarity breed respect? Physician attitudes toward nurse practitioners in a medically underserved state. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 22, 431-439. Wilson, J. (2008). Primary care delivery changes as nonphysician clinicians gain independence. Annals of Internal Medicine, 149(8), 597-600.
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