Persuasive Essay On Obamacare

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The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, is a new health policy created by the American federal government. Its purpose is to make healthcare more affordable and friendly for the people. Unfortunately in some way that does not prove to be the case. It is becoming apparent that Obama may have made some misleading statements to help get the ACA put into action. The ACA is sprinkled with many flaws that call for a reform such as people’s current plans being terminated, high costs, and at minimum some people’s hours being cut by their employers. One reason health care needs reform is people’s current plans being terminated. The ACA regulates and puts pressure on insurance agencies to offer more services to their customers, and…show more content…
“From the very beginning…. Obama’s message was not that the law would result in higher premiums, but better coverage. It was that the law would lower premiums, end of story” (Roy). Yet another promise has found itself broken after the ACA came into the sunlight of reality. “His $1 trillion in tax increases [hit] the middle class hard…” Mitt Romney said, “… in the health care system I envision, costs will be brought under control not because a board of bureaucrats decrees it but because everyone- providers, insurers, and patients –has incentives to do it” Unfortunately, that isn’t how it is. The nation is being forced into healthcare or being penalized for not joining the masses, because this plan will only work if there’s enough healthy people paying their newly doubled premiums regularly to help offset the expenses the unhealthy have right of the bat. “Back when Obamacare was being debated in Congress, Democrats claimed that it was right-wing nonsense that premiums would go up under Obamacare” (Roy). It’s now obvious that right-wing was headed in the right direction, and the middle class was…show more content…
However, the reason a lot of these insurance companies are not popular among the general public is because they are new to the insurance game and are often unable to handle processing claims that have become second nature to the giants of the insurance industry. Opponents could also claim the ACA’s out of pocket maximum helps people not get drowned in debt. Sure, maybe the individuals themselves aren’t directly in debt and being spammed with outrageous hospital bills. However, the part of their bills that count toward their out of pocket maximum are sometimes unclear. “Even though things are a lot simpler now, depending on your plan not all services are going to be covered 100% and not all services are always going to count toward your out-of-pocket maximum. Double check that your health plan isn’t cutting any of the corners” (Out-of-Pocket) Opponents may also say that the ACA lowers premiums, but that 2008 statement has become increasingly known as a lie. Obama spent 2008 telling the American people throughout his campaign insurance would be reduced “up to”, “on average”, and “typically” $2,500 “per family, per year”. That turned out to be false and “by some estimates, the average rates in the individual market have increased nearly 25 percent compared to what they would have been without Obamacare, and have increased measurably in 45
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