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  • Registered Nurse Career

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    Nurses use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their patients (“Occupation” para.19). Registered nurses must provide person assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to co-workers, customers, and patients. Nurses must be organized, must plan, and prioritize their work. Nurses need to keep up to date and should apply new knowledge to their job (“Occupation”para.23). Nurses must be emotionally stable, must have speaking skills, and have compassion

  • Exploring the Profession of a Nurse Practitioner

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    Nurse Practitioner For my sports medicine profession, I choose nurse practitioner. I was drawn to this occupation simply because of the ability to make a difference in people's lives. Some other contributing factors are the amount of schooling, salary, and leadership responsibilities associated with the job. Many of my family members have gone into nursing and have had a positive experience. Becoming a nurse practitioner requires many years of formal eduction beyond high school. Typically, it usually

  • Research Paper On Becoming A Nurse

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    This is a research paper conducted on the very highly pursuited field of nursing. Nursing is a profession in the healthcare field that focuses or assisting others. Not to mention, nurses are heroes because of the many lives they save every day. This is an example that one doesn’t need tights or a cape to be a hero. Never the less, there are many reasons one may want to become nurse. Some of those reasons may be for personal gain or the greater good. However, before becoming a nurse one needs to be

  • Pursuing A Career As A Nursing Assistant

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    every job, professionalism will always have something in common. Whether you are a banker or a waitress, you have to take your occupation seriously. The same thing applies with nursing, every time you talk to a patient or their family you are giving them an impression of who you are, therefore you want to make sure you are always being manner full and conscious. As a healthcare provider, you should consistently be giving your patient full attention when you are with them and never chatting with coworkers

  • Exploring Medical Office Management: A Personal Journey

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    Running head: Medical Office Management My Career Choice Theresa Garland Kaplan University Abstract CONTAIND IN THIS PAPER YOU WILL FIND INFORMATIVE CONTENT ON MY CAREER CHOICE. I WORKED HARD TO OBTAIN PERTAINANT INFORMATION TO THE FIELD OF MEDICAL OFFICE MANAGEMENT. MY CAREER CHOICE My chosen degree at Kaplan University is Associates of Applied Science in Medical Office Management. I have always wanted to go back to school, which I did in 2007 and received my Certified

  • Compare And Contrast Nurse And Registered Nurse

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    suits you best, the possibilities are awe-inspiring. The start of that journey begins by choosing what profession you would like to work in, and the degree needed to enter that career. For instance, if you choose a profession in healthcare, the most common essential occupation is nursing. The title of a nurse can differ on the degree they earned. Take for instance, the comparison of a registered nurse and a nurse practitioner while they both have the word nurse in their title the occupational rewards

  • Registered Nursing Career Essay

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    Healthcare Career: Registered Nurse There are several titles you may receive when pursuing a degree in the nursing field Including advance practice nurses such as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists. For this paper, we will examine the job title, for that of a registered nurse ADN only. This shall include a short definition of the occupation itself. Registered Nursing Definition Registered nurses treat patients in

  • Physician Assistant Internship Goals

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    They included, the hours I would/could work each week, education requirements, skills I needed, abilities I already acquired, knowledge of the profession and last but not least the stress that comes with the job. Physician Assistants provide healthcare services typically performed by a physician, under the supervision of physician. They complete physicals, provide treatment, counsel patients and prescribe medication. They must graduate from an accredited program for physician assistants. You

  • The Impact Of Nursing

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    Nursing has had a very long and important legacy in healthcare delivery. Nursing, though a very unique a profession and challenging field out of many fields, Nursing is often considered as one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers many individuals aspire to purse and it comes with great feeling to know one has made a difference in the lives of many people. Nurses, in general have the chance every day to make tremendous impacts in people's lives, to connect on a personal level with another human

  • Analysis of a Nursing Career

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    Nursing is a fun and rewarding job that has a lot of room for growth and development. It’s an occupation that requires a lot of people skills and some scientific knowledge. Nursing is field that demands a lot, but also gives a lot in return. Being a nurse will require a number of different tasks to be done. Some of which are “evaluating and assessing the patient’s illness and recording the data needed to provide treatment. Also, what is needed to succeed in nursing is being able to provide emotional

  • Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    $97,990 is usually the annual salary for a nurse practitioner. Every year it equals out to there being 37,100 positioners for Np’s. Furthermore nurse practitioners earn a mean annual salary of $97,990 which is more than the average salary for all occupations at $47,230. When you have your salary it varies by your region, speciality, education, experience, and

  • Nursing Career In Nursing

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    The Occupational Outlook Handbook states, “Most registered nurses work as part of a team with physicians and other healthcare specialists” (OOH). Licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, and home health aides are overseen by the registered nurse, who makes sure they carry out their job properly. The duties of a registered nurse depend greatly on where they work

  • Nurse Practitioner

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    Phd, CPNP, APRN-BC, Becoming a Nurse, (LearningExpress, LLC, 2009), 102. Mary E. Muscari, Phd, CPNP, APRN-BC, Becoming a Nurse, 7. Mary E. Muscari, Phd, CPNP, APRN-BC, Becoming a Nurse, xiv. Mary E. Muscari, Phd, CPNP, APRN-BC, Becoming a Nurse, 30.

  • Why I Want To Become A Registered Nurse

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    I have chosen to start majoring in Nursing. My plan is to become a Registered Nurse, and specialize in Cardio Vascular. I want to I decided on this career because when I was in high school I took Med Pro classes which get you familiar with different kinds of medicine and different kinds of nurses. In this class we also had many guest speakers that came and talked to us about their jobs. I have always wanted to go into the nursing field since I was younger but this class inspired me to help others

  • Nursing: Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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    Nursing: The Stigma, the Burnout, the Benefits, and the Disadvantages Growing up, I did not want to become “just a nurse”. My mom and most of my friends’ moms were or are nurses. Nursing never seemed special to me because I was surrounded by nurses. I wanted to be different. I wanted to become a physician or physician assistant until I started applying to college. I had an epiphany while filling out my college applications, that I had no idea exactly what I wanted to be. All I knew was that I wanted

  • Disadvantages Of Neonatal Nursing

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    There are approximately forty thousand premature infants born in the United States. The survival rates of these infants are ten times better than they were fifteen years ago. The survival rates have increased due to the supply of neonatal care units and neonatal nurses. Neonatal nursing gives you an opportunity to make a difference in infant’s lives and also their families. This type of nursing has been around since the nineteen sixties. Neonatal nurses are registered nurses, but they are specialized

  • The Importance Of Resilience In Nursing

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    Resilience currently a hot topic in many disciplines. Resilience is the ability to adapt or recover quickly during times of stress. Emergency room (ER) nurses deal with extremely busy, constantly changing and unpredictable work environments. Exposure to death, trauma, violence, and overcrowding contribute to the stressful environment. Resilience allows ER nurses to cope with a high stress work environment. ER nurses deal with intense situations that are physically and emotionally taxing. The occupational

  • Evolution Of Nursing

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    nursing is viewed completely different thanks to the contribution of nursing theorist, such as: Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Dix, Lavinia Dock, Mary Nutting, Dorothea Orem, Abraham Maslow, to name a few. Nursing has evolved from being a simple occupation to an important profession. A profession

  • Exploring the Diversity and Dynamics of Nursing

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    Nursing Nursing is a profession within health care field. Nursing mainly focuses on personal, families as well as communities care in ensuring they maintain and recover their health (Aiken et al., 647). Nurses can be distinguished from other providers of health care by their training, practice as well as the approach towards patient care. Nursing involves the various diversity of practice with practice scopes and prescriber authority level. Traditionally, nurses provided health care in the supervision

  • Scope Of Practice Case Study

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    Scope of practice is defined as the broad framework of procedures, actions and processes that are permitted under a specific licence of an allied health professional. This medical terminology is used by both the national and state licensing commissions for various professions, including nursing, midwifery and paramedicine. The scope of practice restricts and limits the allied health professional, under an act of law, to have undertaken specific education, followed regulation guidelines and registered