Patient Advocacy Essay

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Nursing is an extremely challenging healthcare profession. While some might think the role of a nurse is to simply administer medications, nurses must actually provide much comfort and support. The main role of a nurse is to be a patient advocate, which means the nurse must be a charge nurse, caregiver, educator, and a counselor for patients and their families. Nursing has many essential elements when practiced holistically. Advocacy includes the acts of educating, protecting, emotionally supporting, communicating as well as supporting patients in the decision-making process. The nurse’s role is to ensure that the patient is involved in all aspects of healthcare decision making and that all the patient’s needs are met, even when
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The article summarizes that the role of an advocating nurse is to be able to communicate with the patients about their patient rights, support any decisions made, be the voice for patients with ineffective communication skills, and to protect the interests of the patients. The aim of the study was to explore the perspectives of nurses in patient advocacy and how it is related in the socio-cultural aspect. The literature also mentions that the concept of care and quality of patient care is recommended by nursing organizations. Patient advocacy is a duty that the advocating nurse expresses when it pertains to the rights of patients, and includes preserving the human dignity of the patient. Patient advocacy is when information, skills, and resources are used to voice decisions to improve the quality of care for those individuals who are unable to effectively speak for themselves. The nurse plays an essential role in speaking up and also protecting patient rights when trying to make a decision relating to their health. The main idea of the analysis is to understand the concept of advocacy and roles of a nurse in any type of healthcare…show more content…
The nurse is able to do that through strong leadership skills. Patients and patients’ families that are unable to make decisions can seek help from nurses; the nurses are great patient advocates because the nurses ensure that the patient’s rights are exercised. Another role the nurse plays in patient advocacy is protecting the patient’s rights and providing assistance in asserting the rights. For example, if a patient is trying to decide on whether to accept or reject the treatment, then the nurse is able to communicate the information provided by the healthcare provider in a meaningful way, and provide support to those patients that are in need of it. The advocating nurse can be a charge nurse who is able to act as a protector for the patient when undergoing major traumatic
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