Nursing Theory Analysis

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Improving Communication with Theory Application
Nursing theory plays a vital and essential role within the nursing profession. Having a structured theory or idealism of what constitutes how nursing should be provided allows for guidance to current and future nurses in their approach and foundation to caring for their patients. Nursing has evolved from what use to focus on task orientation to a more thorough credentialed profession through the implementation of nursing theory tested evidenced based practices. The role nursing theory plays within the profession guides benchmarks to which nurses conduct these evidence based practices in order to implement best practices for better patient outcomes. Implementing nursing theory has proven beneficial …show more content…

Peplau believed the nurse was most resourceful if a connection was developed through understanding the patient on a deeper personal level where better outcomes are championed through the process of active and enriched communication (Senn, 2013). When nurses incorporate the concept of communicative interpersonal relationship in their process of practice, they bestow a humanistic approach to patient centered care.
The text will provide an analysis of Peplau’s interpersonal relationships theory and its impact on patient care. In this analysis, a discussion of an advanced clinical practice concern will be provided. Application of Peplau’s theory will be presented as a resolution to the identified concern. Lastly, a summary of the nursing theory and concern will be given followed by a self-reflection of acquired knowledge in respect to theory application.
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With the rise of adverse effects on patient care due to poor communication, it is important that the issue be exposed to the health care population so that awareness can bring productive means for change. Martin and Ciurzynski (2015) reports ineffective communication between health care providers is to blame for more than one hundred and fifty thousands deaths each year in the United States due to medical errors. The breakdown of communication between provider and patient produces misinterpretation of patient needs and inaccurate use of the nursing process. The confusion subsequently produces a trickle down effect into the communication between the multidisciplinary team leading to potential inappropriate treatments and medical errors. In addition to the gross amount of sentinel events each year, patient satisfaction is also impaired by ineffective communication between providers and patients. The breakdown of communication and the errors produced in response can occur between multidisciplinary providers or between providers and their

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