Trust Within the Nurse - Patient Relationship

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This paper is a literature review of the results of three empirical studies on trust within the nurse–patient relationship. Studies implemented a descriptive qualitative design, and studies used quantitative research, and phenomenological approach method. The context of most quantitative studies was nurse caring behaviors, whereas most qualitative studies focused on trust in the nurse–patient relationship. The quantitative studies used a descriptive design, while qualitative methods included the phenomenological approach, Data collection was mainly by questionnaires or interviews. Evidence from this review suggests that the development of trust is a relational phenomenon, and a process, during which trust could be broken and re-established. Nurses’ professional competencies and interpersonal caring attributes were important in developing trust; however, various factors may hinder the trusting relationship.

Trust in nursing
Trust is identified with a variety of settings and applications. Trust is regarded as the foundation of any therapeutic relationship, and an essential element of nurse–patient relationships. The concept applies to nurses in professional settings as it is considered inherent in the relationship between a nurse and their patient, (Britcher, 1999) and the patients’ family. A clear definition of what constitutes trust is difficult to find in the literature, and various concepts are viewed from the perspectives of the nurse-patient relationship, the nurse's work environment, and contexts from other disciplines. The dual perspectives of trust as process and outcome are adopted, and their relationship to measurement of the construct is identified. The concept is examined to determine if differences in its ...

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... be trustworthy, then this diminishes the general perceptions of the trustworthiness of nurses across the board. By being trustworthy, nurses contribute to a general climate of trust and this is essential to the profession, and to the health and wellbeing of patients.

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