Nursing: The Three Main Levels Of Nursing

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When a person becomes sick and they need to go to their doctor’s office, a health clinic, or, a hospital there will always be a nurse on staff to help attend them. When people think about the nurses they assume they all have the same schooling (degree) as well as they are able capable to take care for their patients all the same. This isn’t true, when a patient is sick and a nurse isn’t able to give a certain medication or perform a certain procedure they may assume that is because the nurse is too busy or not wanting to do their job. In actuality it may because the action needing to be done may not be in the scope of their practice. There are three main levels for someone to be a nurse. Each level has a different path to get their nurse license, different degrees and schools, the amount they get paid, as well as what they are capable of doing to help take care of their patients…show more content…
Every patient should be informed what a nurse is capable of doing because nursing in an important job in our health care system, more people should know about the three main levels of nursing LVN, RN, and, APRN. A LVN stands for License Vocational Nurse, which is also called License Practical Nurse “[t]he biggest difference between a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is actually the name. The term LVN is used in California and Texas, while LPN is used throughout the rest of the United States.” (Concorde). This would be considered the quickest way to get to a nursing license according to Hello Nurse it would only take a year to complete at a vocational school. After completing the course of their schooling they must then take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). Once they are approved they are then able to work as an LVN. According The Bureau of Labor Statistics, LVN’s usual
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