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  • Practical Nursing Essay

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    Licensed practical nurses (LPN 's) fill an important role in modern health care practices. Their primary job duty is to provide routine care, observe patients’ health, assist doctors and registered nurses, and communicate instructions to patients regarding medication, home-based care, and preventative lifestyle changes (Hill). A Licensed Practical Nurse has various of roles that they have to manage on a day to day basis, such as being an advocate for their patients, an educator, being a counselor

  • Research Paper On Becoming A Nurse

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    Nursing is a profession in the healthcare field that focuses or assisting others. Not to mention, nurses are heroes because of the many lives they save every day. This is an example that one doesn’t need tights or a cape to be a hero. Never the less, there are many reasons one may want to become nurse. Some of those reasons may be for personal gain or the greater good. However, before becoming a nurse one needs to be educated about educational requirements, licenses and certifications, projected salaries

  • Become A Member of Nursing Organizations

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    career. They foster a sense of community among nurses and can further your nursing career in many ways. As a nurse, you recognize the value of belonging to a nursing organization. But there are so many to choose from and because of your personal budget crunch you just want to join a few that are most relevant for your needs. School and State Nurses Association In nursing school, you need to sign up for membership in your school's student nurses association. This will give you access to many

  • Rude Nurse Experience

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    extremely rude nurse assigned to you? Or was your hospital experience with a kind and understanding nurse? Depending on the type of nurse that was assigned to you, your hospital experience could be extremely different. Based on personal experience, I became closer to my nurse that was caring and compassionate. The nurse who was extremely rude made it hard to connect with her. She would walk in, do what she had to do, and then walk right back out. Having an empathetic or a caring nurse could make your

  • The Nursing Career: The Field Of Practical Nursing

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    My research paper is on the healthcare occupation, in particularly,the field of licensed practical nursing, also called licensed vocational nurses. In my paper, I will cover such things as the definition of career choice, certain requirements, the expected job duties and responsibilities, any additional licensure that is required. After discussing these topics, I will then point out the potential of finding a job, the ranges of salary, as well as the environment I would be working in. Finally, I

  • Career Goals In Nursing

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    There are multiple careers I am interested in including Registered Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Military Nurse, and a Paramedic. I go back and forth between these careers all the time, but I know with the help of my friends and family I will be able to make the best decision. The three careers I chose to write about are Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Physical Therapist Assistant. Registered Nurses provide patient care, teach patients about different health conditions

  • Nursing Definition Of Nursing

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    and disabled people of all ages, in all health care and community settings. Registered Nurses (RN’s) must hold a current, valid license issued under chapter 4723 ORC that authorizes the practice of nursing as a registered nurse. Assessment of a patient’s health status is the collection of data through nursing assessment techniques,

  • Nurse Burnout In Nursing

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    Nurse Burnout Nurse Burnout and Retention becomes the result for many nurses in their medical career. A brief explanation of what a burnout actually comprises of: builds up stress, decreasing of self-esteem and performance. Nurse, as we know, play a very important role in the medical field. They are not just doctors’ assistants that follow the doctor’s wherever they go; they too have very important duties and play multiple different roles that makes it clear to many that know that their job is just

  • Scope of Practice for Nurses

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    Scope of practice for nurses Table of contents 1. Nursing 2. Scope of practice for nurses 3. Understanding whether a task is within the scope of practice 4. Bibliography Nursing A nurse is a health care professional who cares for ill or disabled individuals, their families and communities ensuring that they attain, maintain or recover optimum health and functioning (Crosta, 2013). There are several kinds of nurses classified depending on their education and experiences. As an example

  • Joining the Nursing Profession

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    saves lives, however it requires people who are patient and critical thinkers because every life counts. Most of the people consider it a calling, but to be a nurse, good communication skills, and especially fluency in English, are essential to ensure understanding both orally and in writing (Buerhaus et al). A good memory is essential since a nurse is required to memorize drugs, uses and side effects, and standard doses. Nursing also requires one to be a good test taker to pass the nursing licensing

  • Becoming A Nurse

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    Why I want to be a nurse? I have asked myself this question numerous times, and have come up with a variety of answers. I think that being a nurse just embodies the characteristics that I have innately had and characterizes the person I am now. Nursing is more than a profession to me; it encompasses my life in every aspect. Nursing challenges me, nothing is ever exactly the same each day. There are so many opportunities in nursing and so many ways to challenge myself and learn new things. I have

  • Compare And Contrast Postpartum Nurse And Registered Nurse

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    Comparing a Postpartum Nurses/Labor Delivery Nurses to a Registered Nurse" " One may think that most registered nurses do the same tasks in the medical field. However, when comparing and contrasting a Postpartum nurse to a registered nurse, you will see they do not have all of the same tasks as the other. I compared the two and found several responsibilities they both have, but there are several they do not have in common." " A registered nurse—a RN— has many contrasting responsibilities in the medical

  • What Are Barriers To Effective Communication And Teamwork In The Workplace

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    As a registered nurse (RN) what are the most common barriers you deal with when working with licensed practical nurse’s (LPN)? This is the question that was asked of registered nurse AD (interviewee). AD graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and has been a registered nurse for eight years. When asked this question, AD hesitated only for a moment and stated “teamwork and communication are the biggest areas of difficulty I have noticed on the teams I work with.” The purpose of

  • Interpersonal Dynamics in a Critical Care Unit

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    fluctuation among individual behaviors. I noted nurses and other healthcare professionals who radiated a consistent sense of urgency and stress in response to the critical

  • Travel Nurse Benefits

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    starters, the wage can benefit any individual and their families. The minimum wage for a RN nurse is

  • Journey Towards Becoming a Registered Nurse

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    works, what can go wrong, and what certain things do to the body. I’ve always loved helping others in my life, and I want to continue to do it for the rest of my life. I chose to become a nurse when I was a freshman in high school. I ended up going to my local vocational school, Mid East, for their Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program. I went there my junior and my senior year of high school. It wasn’t an easy 2 years of my life, because I was always studying or doing homework. I was very determined

  • Technology and Accreditation in Nursing

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    On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The law promotes electronic medical records (EMR) and infrastructure development, such as reimbursement-based pay, to cut health care costs (Frequently Asked Questions, 2009). Likewise, the ARRA is restructuring Medicare disbursements to reimburse for quality not quantity. While the law does not mandate EMR use, the federal government has set aside twenty billion dollars to help

  • My Dreams Of Becoming A Doctor, Scientist, And My Future

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    Starting the LPN program, I meet many new students, some with similar backgrounds as mine. I later became a military wife, a mother of 3 beautiful children and most of all, a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the great state of Texas. I helped my mother get out of debit and had her retire at an earlier age. The weight had been lifted off her shoulders. The pain in her eyes, were slowly fading away. I look back and realize how the roles have

  • My Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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    guide that incorporates each individual’s value and belief. Every nurse should have developed a personal philosophy at one point because it explains not only to others but also to ourselves why we do what we do. Nobody goes into nursing expecting it to be easy, it is a tough job that requires a lot of dedication which is why it is important to remember just why it is that we are doing it. Since I was fourteen I wanted to become a nurse, I have always had an overwhelming desire to help people, it is

  • Diabetic Nursing Case Study

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    if the patient “weighs less than 80 lbs, is prenatal, pediatric, or antepartum”, although given that the situation is on a general med-surg floor it is unlikely these patients would be under Sarah’s care at this time. (Rules and Regulations of Practical Nurses. 2015) Sarah can delegate the postoperative patients who need dressing changes and ambulating them to the LPN, but Sarah should assess the wounds for complications initially and serve as resource to the LPN if she has questions about the wounds