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This is a research paper conducted on the very highly pursuited field of nursing. Nursing is a profession in the healthcare field that focuses or assisting others. Not to mention, nurses are heroes because of the many lives they save every day. This is an example that one doesn’t need tights or a cape to be a hero. Never the less, there are many reasons one may want to become nurse. Some of those reasons may be for personal gain or the greater good. However, before becoming a nurse one needs to be educated about educational requirements, licenses and certifications, projected salaries, and the projected job outlook for the next five – ten years for nursing. This research paper will provide thorough information on those four major aspects of …show more content…

The type of education varies based on the type nurse one pursues to become. Becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN) requires you to attend a yearlong educational program. This program is offered at technical schools, vocational schools, or community colleges. At these various programs, the student will receive lectures and hands on clinical practice. However, those seeking to be become registered nurse (RN) must receive at the least, an associative degree in nursing. After obtaining an associative or bachelor’s degree in nursing, the graduate will have to pass the licensing exam to officially become a registered nurse. Being successful on the licensing exam is required to become a registered nurse. Becoming an advanced practical nurse (APN), requires the student to obtain a Master’s of Science in Nursing. After graduating, the graduate will have to successfully pass the licensing exam also. The type of nurse one chooses to become dictates the type of education he or she has to …show more content…

To obtain a license, the graduate will have to pass the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX) to become a licensed nurse. The NCLEX, which is a computerized test, is only offered on a computer. The test requires you to answer at least, 75 questions and a maximum of 265 questions. The testers only have six hours to finish the test, which in my opinion is more than enough time. However, in order to pass this test, the computer must be 95 percent certain that the test taker is above the passing standard. Certifications for nurses recognize their knowledge and skills within a specific area. In fact, nurses with certifications in special areas earn more than those who aren’t certified. In order to earn certifications, the nurse will have to successfully pass an exam. This exam is offered through nursing associations that offer certification test. Nevertheless, there are other ways besides taking an exam to gain

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