Scope of Practice for Nurses

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Scope of practice for nurses

Table of contents

1. Nursing

2. Scope of practice for nurses

3. Understanding whether a task is within the scope of practice

4. Bibliography


A nurse is a health care professional who cares for ill or disabled individuals, their families and communities ensuring that they attain, maintain or recover optimum health and functioning (Crosta, 2013). There are several kinds of nurses classified depending on their education and experiences. As an example,

• In the UK Nurses are classified as:

o first level nurse

o second level nurse

o specialist nurse

o manager

• In the United States nurses are classified as:

o licensed practical nurses (LPNs)

o registered nurses (RNs)

o advanced practice nurses (APNs)

These nurses will work in various health care settings. All of these nurses are having a legal outline to work in. Each kind of nurses has their own scope of practice. This is regulated by the nursing governing bodies. The nurses have to work within their scope of practice to deliver a good service to clients with quality and they are permitted only to work within the scope of practice. The scope of practice for the nurses and how to make the duties within the scope of practice are discussed here.

Scope of practice for nurses

Scope of practice refers to the actions, procedures or processes that are permitted to be done by a professional in his or her profession by the law (Anderson, 2013). The scope of practice that is permitted by law is basically based on the educational qualifications and the experience in the particular field. All the health care professionals have this scope of practice including nurses which is governed by a governing body of the particular ...

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...hing out of the scope and a client fall into trouble, it may affect the nurse legally. Even the nurse can be imprisoned. So it is always advisable for nurses to work within their scope of practice, so that they can deliver a good care standing in the safer side.


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