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Being driven by the desire to help others who are suffering is certainly an essential pre-requisite to being a nurse, and it is something that is perhaps one of my most defining quality. By nature I am energetic, generous, and sympathetic towards others and my greatest pleasure is to be able to interact with people from all walks of life and to make a difference to their welfare. Nursing is a job of service and I want nothing more than to be a servant. Growing up in Nigeria has greatly influenced my desire to become a nurse. At the age of 13, while playing outside our home, a neighbors kid was accidentally hit with a stone to his head and he was bleeding profusely. Since I was the only grown up in the playground, without thinking twice, I beckoned on a local motorcycle rider passing by to stop. I quickly hopped onto the motorcycle with my injured neighbor while applying pressure to the head and we rode for about 20 minutes to the nearest local clinic. At some point, he was beginning to pass out. Although I was soaked in blood by the time we arrived at the clinic, I felt happy and relieved that he would be stable. At that moment, my life changed forever. Observing from a distance how the nurse rallied around to ensure that my neighbor was stable made me clearly see that this was the vocation, which is what I believe nursing is. I also realized that It takes a certain type of selfless person to become a nurse and empathy in nursing is a great quality to have. I graduated from Benue State University, Nigeria with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. While attending BSU, I realized that I wanted something more, I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives and have a positive influence on the world. My childhood desire to ... ... middle of paper ... ...eople from different backgrounds and provides me with assurance to why I do what I do. I have heard good reviews about Rutgers University especially in the field of nursing. This is the reason why I choose your formidable school to hone my capabilities to become not just a successful nurse but a nurse who exudes confidence in treating her patients armed with the right amount of love, care, and knowledge. The role of nursing is changing, and conditions are far from ideal. I have immense respect for the way nurses work and the things they achieve. Talking to them and observing them in the hospital wards has made me understand how challenging their duties can be. I know that the nursing profession will open many opportunities for me and I am very willing to achieve this big responsibility and greatly looking forward to the unique challenges that each will provide.

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