My Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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This paper is a first attempt at forming and articulating my own philosophy of nursing.

Our course, Transition to Professional Nursing, is barely two weeks old and already I am being enlightened and challenged to expand my experience of nursing. I will attempt to explain my personal journey and experience thus far including how and why I got here, my beliefs about nursing and related values, and my visions for the future.

The Nursing Choice

Nursing came in a round-about way for me. I had little direction when I graduated high school and had already disregarded the nursing field due to an incident with a family member (who was a nurse) that had left a negative impression about the nursing field on me. I entered college planning on a pre-med or biology major. I had built up a vision of college being different- scholarly, intellectual, advanced- different somehow than school before. I soon was disillusioned. My first biology course was a bitter disappointment and I turned away from any thoughts of a medical/health related career altogether.

Several years, colleges, and majors later I found myself still without a gut-felt direction. On a whim I decided to go to EMT school. It was there that I was finally introduced to the healthcare field and loved it at once. After finishing the program I worked the 911 system and also took a job as a patient care technician in a pediatric emergency department. I quickly saw that the hospital setting was where I wanted to be and that I had to become a nurse. That I did, and haven't left the emergency department since!

The Essence of Nursing

I truly believe that the core, the essence, of nursing (outside of a true emergency where measures to sustain or revive life become paramo...

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...en I have a goal. I work hard and don't give up easily. I am a perpetual optimist always looking to the future and learning from my mistakes rather than letting them pull me down. I have a certain amount of natural intelligence, and what I lack I make up for with persistence and tenacity. I have an inherent belief that I will accomplish my goals that keeps me positive and pursuing my goals even when it is difficult to do so.

I will need to overcome some obstacles in order to accomplish my goals. Family obligations will challenge my time management and multitasking skills. Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles I face. I will need to develop more patience as I feel demands of the family encroaching on my professional goals. I tend to be shortsighted and allow myself to feel overwhelmed rather than being able to keep everything in perspective.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
  • Opines that serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
  • Explains that jean watson's entire philosophy is based on and supports the importance of caring. her first book, the philosophy and science of caring, called for a return to the earlier values of nursing.
  • Analyzes how caring can be viewed as the nurse's moral ideal of caring.
  • Analyzes how the ana code of ethics for nurses (2001) links the philosophy of caring with the practice of nursing. it specifies ethical obligations and duties of all who become nurses and stands as the ethical standard of the profession.
  • Explains that this paper is a first attempt at forming and articulating their own philosophy of nursing. their course, transition to professional nursing, is barely two weeks old.
  • Narrates how they were disillusioned with the nursing field after a family member's negative impression on them. they went to emt school and were introduced to the healthcare field.
  • Opines that the core essence of nursing is caring. caring about your patient and your job can be the starting point for all your nursing responsibilities.
  • Opines that all patients deserve unbiased treatment and interaction. they believe that the patient's family and significant others' treatment varies by situation.
  • Explains that they want to balance their nursing career with their obligations at home. they plan to work a schedule where they can devote the most time possible to their children.
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