Nursing School Admission Essay

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Nursing School Admission Essay My interest in nursing began at age 18 at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut where I was trained as a Certified Care Partner, then as a Phlebotomist, followed by a two year surgical floor assignment and a one year burn unit stint. When I moved to New Hampshire, I worked full time at Plymouth State College and took night courses towards a BSN for one and a half years. I postponed my education for eight years while I was a wife and mother. After divorcing, I returned to P.S.C. to continue taking courses leading towards a BSN to help support my children and myself in a career that allows me to contribute to my community. Currently, I am attending Claremont School of Nursing full time, working towards completing an Associate RN Degree. I chose nursing as a career because I found the work challenging, exciting and rewarding. I feel my skills and attributes are well suited for nursing. My ability to sta... ... middle of paper ... ...reas, I hope to find employment at one of the nearby ski resorts. Others options I am considering include working as a member of the D.A.R.T. Trauma Team in Hanover, or as a part of the trauma teams at one of the two local hospitals. I am totally committed to working in the field of trauma nursing. I believe this is where my talents are best suited, as well as the area of nursing in which I can reach my full potential, and make the greatest service contribution.

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