Negatives And Implications Of Social Media

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Social Media is a substantial component in how companies detect what is being spoken about them, whether it be positive or negative. This online communication technology allows users of all types to have a social listening for whatever issues that may arise. Social media is indeed good for the consumer, for them to introduce to world their approval of the particular product they acquired. Considering Social Media has taken the world by storm, organizations realize that there is an urgency to contend with the trends in order to stay afloat. For an organization, social media is used to address key marketing issues that organizations may have in terms of expanding their customer base. Concerns like needing more customers, staying in relationship…show more content…
There are always hackers out there online, ready to access data that does not belong to them, privacy is compromised by the organization’s social media (Washenko, 2015). If customers are not satisfied with their product, they can use their social platform to inform others of how unacceptable the product or service is (Washenko, 2015). This can often lead to a terrible reputation, resulting in loss of revenue. Employees managing social media may often view this as time consuming, having to constantly update content while interacting with your customers. Lastly, posting inappropriate jokes while promoting can damage the organization’s image. A way you can prevent situations like this happening is establishing policies and procedures pertaining to social media…show more content…
Through thorough evaluation, I am certain that social media has created success within the organization. I have covered what social media has addressed, particularly its marketing issues, and how it has controlled America by force with its technological capabilities. This technology has its pros and cons, but collaboration and communication as its main use for success by far outweighs the cons. In order to have a successful organization, you have to have an understanding of what customer’s demand. If I were in managing an organization, an upgrade I would make when manufacturing our social network is handing over control. You may discover that with a lot of organizations egos are present. They may feel social media will not have a real return on investment, however, I learned in the Jarvis book when you hand over control, you start winning. Once you give your worst customer control over the situation, you can build a new relationship with the customer. “Listening to your worst customers’ complaints gives you an advantage to reorganize and reorient every division of the company-design, production, marketing, sales, customer support” (Jarvis,
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