Negative Impact Of Using Social Media

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well as creating and sharing knowledge among other students, social media creates an environment where increased critical thinking and collaboration are possible. A study done by Annetta and Jackson shows that students who participate in social media as part of a class feel more connected to their peers that those students who do not participate in social media type education (Annetta, Jackson, 2011). Social media allows students to not only group themselves with peers who are similar, but also to enhance and link existing peer groups. In addition to enhancing established peer groups, social media can bridge the diversity that exists in classrooms by establishing a “neutral zone” in which students can interact with one another. For many…show more content…
Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, social media is undoubtedly an outlet that engages most online users. However, according to mental health consultants nationally, social media has become an anxiety-provoking factor (Materna 2013). One of the things contributing to social media anxiety is when teens compare themselves to the doctored pictures of friends. Not only are their friends flawless in the photos, but they may be on an exotic vacation. And it seems to make their lazy weekend at home in their bedroom pale in…show more content…
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