The Negative Effects of Social Media Usage

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Social media is so popular that according to a recent article published by, “72% of American adults are currently using social media sites; that figure has gone up 800% in just 8 years”(Olenski). Social networking was originally created to simply reconnect people with old high school pals, but in recent years it has evolved into a completely different operation. When social media first originated it was also intended for adult usage, which has in recent years expanded into the usage of all ages. Social media can create a negative affect on lives because it has been proven to be a dangerous addiction, for it takes away interpersonal relationships that are essential in life, and it has been proven to prevent people from being productive in life. To begin with, social media has been proven to be a dangerous addiction due to the many negative side effects like: sleep deprivation, and self-esteem problems. Most of the adult American population is connected to some sort of social media site, and they have joined the banned wagon of people whom check their social media accounts at least five times a day. Using social media to often can be time consuming and essentially causes sleep deprivation because the user stays up late on social media. Since social media has grown in popularity many have began to believe that social media is a life necessity. It is viewed by many as a daily necessity like brushing our teeth, or yet as important as eating. People whom are constantly on social media have been linked to develop self-esteem problems because they are so consumed on pretending and portraying this image of a person they are not. Social media has became such an addiction that many people wake up and the first thing they do is... ... middle of paper ... ...hing. Social media should not be used as often as it is being used because it is not benefiting the user nor is it a necessity. Overall, being connected on social media sites is not a bad thing, but rather being actively connected is and so it should be used in moderation. Knowing the right amount of time to use social media is essential to prevent addiction. If and when using social media it should always be scarcely and with caution to prevent negative outcomes. Work Cited Sources: Olenski, Steve “Social Media Usage Up 800% for U.S. Online Adults In Just 8 Years” Inc. 6 September 2013. Web. 6 February 2014 Fenichel, Michael Ph.D. “Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)” N.p. N.d. Web. 14 February 2014 Siddique, Ashik “Too Much Social Media? Overuse Can Damage Romantic Relationships” 10 April 2013 Web. 6 February 2014

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