The Effects Of Social Media Marketing On Online Consumer Behaviour

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3. “The Effects of Social Media Marketing on Online Consumer Behaviour”
The inclusion of the online marketing in the whole marketing business process has increased the meaning of the business relationships and communications globally. The online marketing has evolved as the new marketing philosophy and phenomenon in order to grow the business in a dynamic and dramatic way. Today many business companies use online internet services to take benefits from the growth on international online marketing services in a dynamic and dramatic way (Iowans and Stoica, 2014). However, in online stores, the customer services could be made through communicating with chat or email support, the response for the services would not be as quick as
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Some of the main marketing concepts include Marketing Mix, Online marketing, digital marketing, sales promotion, advertising and direct sales. The company had made vital changes in its stores, website along with its basic infrastructure by incorporating advanced technologies of online marketing techniques. The research has found that customers of Marks and Spencer are spends more money on best and better quality ranges of products. Hence, the online marketing strategy of the company has emphasized on the heritage, style, and quality of its clothes (Vinereanet al. 2013). The above conceptual framework provides a brief description about the customer behaviour on the online marketing criteria and who they impact the consumer buying behaviour. From the above review, it is clear that the traditional marketing had been enhanced with the invention of online marketing and the business organisations have been greatly profitable by it (Hansen, 2015). With the help of the online marketing strategies, the business organisations can invest in wide range of products and reduce their promotional costs by investing in online marketing advertisements. Though traditional marketing strategies have its own importance, the online marketing strategies have been more beneficiary to the business organisations in…show more content…
As per view of this concept is getting popular in the present era as compared with past and has become one of the main reason behind success of businesses in the market. Majority of the customers prefer to access information with the help of online mediums such as social media, emails, print media etc. Further, it is advantageous for business in every possible manner where customer behaviour can be easily influenced and in turn leads to higher market share along with profitability. It can be stated that in the modern era, online marketing has started to play very important role in overall growth and success of any business enterprise. The use of tools such as online marketing helps businesses to carry out more effective and accurate marketing of services and products available (Gobo,
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