Effects Of Social Media Marketing

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According to Diamond 2008, social media marketing is marketing that concentrate on people and not products. The company can represent the product through a promotional tool if possible all that really matters is customer’s feedback. Marketers are scared about social media marketing because people provide and control the content posted, therefore negative word of mouth can be said about the brand which can spread worldwide in the twinkle of an eye. Social media does not only help companies and brands expand or create awareness it also influences consumers behavior in terms of gathering information, purchasing decision, opinions, attitude and brand evaluation. Marketers need to post topics that will introduce great conversations with consumers…show more content…
It surpasses the traditional means of business, businesses can now be heard and visible and given a platform to communicate with customers like never. Marketing is a management process that identifies, supplies, and presumes customers needs or requirement and want. Social media marketing is a platform that helps regenerate an organization marketing techniques. It helps create a new perception about the company’s product and the vital marketing programs and create a method to become an edge in the online business world. Businesses can benefit from social media through reduction of cost by reducing staffs working hours and increase revenue. Social media marketing the fastest means of get words out about a business or product, that is why eventually all business are buying the initiative. Most marketers who are already established in the new social media initiative are beginning to implement their own tactics which has brought social media to a greater height than it was before. These popular websites could be a great approach for companies and customers to improve their communications by applying them in computers and mobile devices. Social media marketing is a term not really known by lots of persons. Lots of companies go into it not knowing the risks or opportunities involved. Social media marketing is very beneficial for…show more content…
The major role of social media in marketing is for communication which makes the more companies accessible to those attracted in their products, give awareness to those who do not know the product and make it available to them. Social media in marketing is used as an apparatus that builds an identity for a brand and give awareness that they thought they could have. It does not only respect buyers, but also customer allegiance. Social media is widely-ranged so it can be used in whatever way that best conform to the strategy and wants of the business.
In accordance to social media marketing report of 2014, a considerable (64%) of marketers use social media for at least 6 hours or more and 41% for 11 hours or more weekly, more importantly nearly (19%) of marketers use up to 20 hours each week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. The report also showed 7 social media platforms that lead in 2014 which are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram. The most used platform by social media marketers was Facebook, which was leading the chart. Despite the decline in usage percentage for Facebook from 94% in 2013 to 93% in 2014 it still remains on top, Twitter also fell from 83% to 79%, Google+ gained 2% increase and also Instagram grew significantly from (28%) in 2014 to (36%) in
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