The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media

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When you think about social media what do you think of. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Vine. Well social media is more than that. Social media is not just Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social media is any online website that lets you interact with other people, share photo and information and keeps you updated. Or do you think about how it’s made a positive or negative impact on today’s society. In my personal opinion I think social media has made both positive and negatives impacts on today’s society .Some of the negative impacts are cyberbullying and addiction, and the positive impacts are spreading the word and increasing business sales. Cyberbullying is more than sending direct message to someone and calling them out there name. Cyberbullying is when someone makes a fake page or post something anonymously to a direct person to make them feel bad about them self’s, but cyberbullying can also someone preparing to be someone else to attract a certain persons attention. Cyberbullying is not only online, but it’s also on TV. How is that you wonder. Cyberbullying is on one of MTV...

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