My Top Five Values, Reflection And Family

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From the activity that we did at the beginning of the semester my top five values were happiness, personal development, self-respect, reflection and family. The first four has a lot to do with me working on myself and trying to make myself a better person with my full potential, and the last one was family. If I was told to do this activity about two years ago, family would have been first and the other four would probably not have been in my list of top ten at all. Lately, I have been trying to learn how to put myself first at times, and start to do things I enjoy while working on myself. Honestly, this class required a lot more energy than I expected. I did not think that this class would have forced me to interact with my peers on such…show more content…
I struggled with being an attentive listener because even though I am listening, I usually am doing other things while listening, such as checking emails, homework or writing something down that don not have anything to do with what the person is talking about. The person who is talking should feel respected and I honestly thought that me just letting them know I am listening was enough, but now I know I need to actually show it, especially with people that I am working with in groups. Also, I had a hard time trying to find a connection with another individual’s plans and ideas. In the past, if a group member suggested that we focus on a topic that I did not have any interest in, it use to be very difficult for me to give the project my all, but now I learned that I have to make it my own in a way that I will enjoy the work that I am doing and in way that will benefit my entire…show more content…
I knew a lot about transformational leadership but not much about servant. I always believed that change could be a good thing, but I always wondered what if the people you are trying to help do not want change. I like servant leadership a lot because it focus on the followers, which means the leaders listen to the followers and care to hear their opinions. With transformational leadership, to me I feel that the leaders on care to reach their goals, and just want all their followers to be on board. I like that servant leadership seem to work more side by side with their followers, while in transformational they seem to give more

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