Media And Communication Case Study

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The study of Media and communications has developed through various social, cultural, political and academic contexts. In different periods media pay attention and give a priority to new approach and how these approaches make sense of the world that we live in. Media and communications took an important place in movements. In all fields like Marxism, Culture studies, Feminism, Structuralism, Subculture and Postmodernism, media had power and was an element which influenced society. Thus, how have media and communications spread in the last centenary?
First of all, field where the media and communications started to develop was Marxism worldview. Karl Marx and Frederic Engels founded this movement which was focused on class relations and there
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It combines it with feminists’ views on the image of the female. However, structuralism principles also are allowed culture and media was studied like a language. Structuralism originated of Ferdinand de Saussure and it concentrated to the structures of language, culture and society. For example, in the advertising structuralists would work out deep structures that give meaning to the image. Also, structuralists used significance of the binary for instance, dominant-subordinate, rich- poor, attractive-ugly, which are constructed in a negative relation to others kinds of identity. To sum up, structuralism study cultural signs in general and images are all analysed semiotics and how Ferdinand asserted “Language is not best understood as an innocent reflection of non-linguistic meaning, nor simply in the terms of language users. Rather, language, constructs meaning” (Ferdinand de Saussure). Furthermore, media development in that structuralism’s field was that media pays attention to signs, tried to hide a meaning of the images and texts, used binary that identity…show more content…
We are all equal part of it.

In conclusion, media and communications development in all ranges were different but at the same time it has similarities. In Marxism and Subcultural fields media was focus on classes, in Feminism it paid attention to women and their rights, media was concentrated on social relations in cultural studies. Moreover, structuralism helped to media to pay attention to signs and it give a free space to express ideas in public in Postmodernism period. Media was a tool, which gave a voice to people who wanted to express their ideas and

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