Women In Media Essay

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When people imagine women in the media we often imagine women playing a negative role. As our media sources grow women continue to establish a negative stigma to them. Research shows that women in the media should either have bodies that may not be attainable and play a role where they have to find a man to obtain success and happiness. Although, women have extensively roles in every characteristic of life, the extended list of in human behavior given seems to never end. Sources such as the government and social action groups are taking helpful actions to supply women true pride in economic, social and personal areas. In attempt the mass media have a critical role reporting misleading actions, using public opinions, bringing social change and emphasizing positive improvement.
It shows that the mass media has not done their duty as a successful mechanism in the development of empowerment of women. Women are used to sell any item such as soap, towels, and beauty products. Several years ago a add was prohibited that demonstrated a daughter winking at her father.
Women’s role in media
Mass media includes TV, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines and technology such as the internet and e-mail. The media is a source used to inform and entertain the public. Media carries information, ideas, thoughts and opinions out to the public. The force media reveals gives a huge impact on influencing people’s lives. The media can be equally positive and negative in terms of the views it has on women, as well as an influential means for education and socialization. Even though the media enhances women issues, it also gives negative impact, illustrating violence against women through pornography and descriptions of women as a female bo...

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... come with generations of the present children will have no respect for their sisters, mothers and friends. Therefore the main objectives of media should be to present the programs connecting to development of women’s status that they are free to declare themselves as humans, equally, morally and politically with men. There should be encouraging depictions of women taking notice of their role in all aspects of life.
As a result it can be concluded that the general effect of the illustrations of women in the media to strengthen rather than condense injustice and stereotypes. The mass media in the United States has not made sufficient efforts to argue serious issues regarding women and arrange the women to play their correct and equivalent role in society. To alter this situation, it is required to observe the media and point out the qualities and faults constantly.
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