Propaganda and Stereotyping

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Propaganda and Stereotyping

Propaganda: a word that is commonly underestimated in its power. Confused with advertisement, people tend to take the disasters caused by propaganda lightly. One such disaster is the stereotype – a felicity confused with the truth. In this research paper, a closer attention will be given to the propaganda generation of stereotypes about a specific age group; how easily and believable stereotypes are carried by propaganda tactics on youth will be presented. Throughout this paper, a demonstration of the negative stereotypes on public opinion will be presented along with important methods in which stereotypes work in propaganda. The conclusion of this research paper will be highlighted through presenting credible research results and actual examples demonstrating the different stereotypes of today’s youth. At the end of this paper, it should be transparent that stereotypes are the brainchild of media through propaganda that uses its tactics and techniques to corrupt the public minds.

Prior to focusing on my example of youths’ stereotypes, it is a must to explain what propaganda is and how stereotypes have come to be a successful function of propaganda. Many people associate propaganda with advertisement, with television and radio ads. Indeed, these are forms of propaganda, but there other forms of communication that are far more complex, propaganda – simply because they are not perceived by audience as propaganda or better described as false or sometimes incomplete information presented as the truth without the knowledge of the audience. Some examples include false or incomplete news reporting, false habitual facts of certain groups of people, or even incomplete information about certain tendencie...

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