The Importance of Mass Media for the Younger Generation

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Mass media, including TV, radio, newspapers have a great influence on people and especially on the younger generation. It plays an important role in shaping the opinions and position of the younger generation. In the present, the younger generations are influenced by mass media, including TV, radio, and newspapers. They think this is the model for them because in daily life it is necessary for everyone, therefore, it is not unusual that it has a great influence on the people and especially on them. It plays an important role in shaping the opinions and position of the younger generation. The younger imitate the mass media and it has an impact on the younger on they way they dress, speak or behave.

Firstly, we can get a lot of new knowledge through learning. Television can be a powerful teacher. By watching we can learn valuable lessons about racial harmony, cooperation, kindness, simple arithmetic and the alphabet through an educational television format. Some public television programs stimulate visits to the zoo, libraries, bookstores, museums and other active recreational settings, and educational videos can certainly serve as powerful pro social teaching devices. The educational value has been shown to improve the reading and learning skills of its viewers. Reference from Wright JC, Huston; Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas stated some disadvantaged settings, healthy television habits may actually be a beneficial teaching tool. Objectively, it helps to improve the writing, reading and listening skills for young generation and makes interest too. In addition, it may be comes a motivation for youth to overcome their communication probl...

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...han bad, as long as one has the knowledge to tell the difference. The youth claim the Internet as a defining part of their culture and an integral part of their daily lives. All parents alike must be armed and ready to face that challenge and ensure that they reap the potential benefits as safely as possible.

Conclusion, media can be used to promote social growth and thinking skills. If television and the newer electronic media, is used wisely it can have great positive potential for learning and development. Television is a better medium for conveying certain types of information, and it makes learning available to group of children who do not do well in traditional school situations and even to people who cannot read well. People believe media also can make any latest new all around to world reach everyone easily via media mass in a very short time.

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