Power of Media in Modern World

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Media is the most powerful sector of an economy. It is a tool to maintain a balanced society which is characterized by well informed people, effective democracy and social justice. In fact, media has unparallel influence on all aspects of human life in modern times. Basically, the media performs three functions to inform, to influence and to entertain. But effects of these functions are multidimensional in modern times. It has provided awareness about the whole world. In twenty-first century, media has a tendency to shape political, economical and social values of an individual. Moreover, media has eliminated the boundaries of information, so that a person can become an active citizen of the global economy. Hence, it is logical to state the media has become a basic need of human civic life. The power of media lies in its functions, as it can be illustrated by realizing its political power. Media is the cementing force of democracy, because it has supplemented the authority of people by giving them awareness about political system and its functioning. And this is the reason for which media is considered the fourth pillar of state. It strives for the rights of citizens to be served. In short, proper functioning of media is pre requisite for democracy. Furthermore, media has a power connect government with nation It plays role of a liason between the two sides of country .It helps the public to aware the government of its opinion and feelings about any policy. on the other hand ,it assist ruler to communication with citizens. So this mutual relationship is strengthened by the media. Likewise, it can also uproot the corruption and promote good governance in a country. For instance, media can launch counter corruption programs on... ... middle of paper ... ...e question of ethics. In modern times, the role of media is under debate. There emerged so many issues regarding the functioning of media. For instance, generally violence on television is criticized to the great extent. Critics argue that violence shown children. This creates psychological depression and emotional instability. Similarly, numerous advertisements on mass media has also created adverse impacts on society. Critics substantiate this fact by giving argument that advertising of expensive products cause sense of depravity in the poor people. In addition, daily thousands of advertisements are destined to an individual through different mind process of a person. Hence, the power of media has touched its apex in today’s age. Its societal, political and economic functions reflect its unparallel capacity to affect the human life in all spheres.

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