Leadership Stogdill's: 10 Characteristics Of Leadership

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There are different traits associated with leaderships; many researchers have come to the conclusion that leaders will have certain attribute that will make them unique. Stogdill’s on his several surveys came up with 10 positive traits of leadership Northhouse (2013, p.21). After several researches, a list of traits that are central to leadership qualities are the self-confidence of a leader, how intelligent he or she is, how determined they are to achieve to their personal/organisational goal, how much integrity they have and how sociable are they Northhouse (2013, p.23). This is not to say that these are the only traits that are identified with a leader.
As a follower I have had the opportunity to experience a leader with some of the traits,
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Researchers have been able to break them down into task and relationship behaviour, I have witnessed a task relationship where the leader is goal orientated and helps his followers to achieve their goal Northhouse (2013, p.75). Under these two relationships behaviour is the initiating and consideration structure that includes organising work and scheduling while consideration is focused on building respect and caring for your followers. A well-rounded leader will possess these skills in other to communicate effective with is followers and become a great…show more content…
I hold myself to high integrity and self-confidence in what I do. My skill of leadership is that of human skill as I am a people person and I believe in building relationship in becoming a strong leader, I have exhibited the human skill throughout my lifetime. My style approach is very task orientated and at the same time democratic, as I like to be clear in my instructions. l like when leaders are direct as to what they require so I have grown to learn that from them. I have also exhibited relationship style behaviour in my personal business, as it seems to work well with my group of followers, having that relationship balance is easier for communication and depending on the type of
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