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Leadership Class Summary Leadership is broad topics and it is not an easy goal to achieve. Leadership includes influence, respect, culture understanding, moral and etc. in the first day of leadership class the professor asked what is leadership? Why do we need to follow leaders? We heard different opinion about leadership concept but the best definition of leadership will be. An influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purpose. (P5). The second question was why people follow their leaders? As far as understand from the lectures followers are an important part of the leadership process and all leaders are sometimes followers as well. For instance, if I carry a chain and I pushed that chain the question which direction that chain will go? the answer may be right, left, or straight. But the correct answer I really do not know. But if I pick the chain and pull it behind me which way it will go? the answer it will follow me. This is theory behind leaders and followers. People follow their leaders because they feel secure and safe with them. Leadership is not just about leading people but the leaders should know about their people. As we divided to groups our groups leaders should know how lead their team. They should know how control the team disagreement. How to control the time and take control of the listener. I learned the difference between old paradigm and new paradigm leaders. It is interesting point because many people in third world countries still use old leader style. In the past When I am hearing world leaders I only think about hero, controller, and power. I refer leaders to the people at the top in the power positions with authority and not the man... ... middle of paper ... ...ied to put himself in the boys situation, and he had a different view. Not only did he have a standpoint, but also the eleven other men all had different views. It is very fascinating how Davis could think outside of the box, whereas the others believed the facts proved everything. The most important question is the fact always correct? In many cases, it is easy for people judge the situation and blame others and I believe this is a human nature. people make certain aspect to be the truths but we are not always true and twelve Angary men movies was a good example of that. The film displays the power of team decision making and the many aspects that affect decision making in groups. Every team member in the room had different characters and different reason which led to different decision making. I enjoyed watching this movie and I learned very good lesson from it.
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