The Importance Of Followership And Leadership

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Every organization requires effective followership and leadership to reach peak performance. Effective followers use creativity, intrinsic motivations, and commitment to the organization to ensure its success. In addition, great followers need great leaders to guide them and build them into future leaders. Great leaders understand the importance of various followership styles and traits and use them to benefit the organization while helping followers achieve greatness as well. Futhermore, great followers and leaders strive to continually build on their strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, strengths and areas of improvement will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
Followership Assessment Doing what is asked without the need to be
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Actively delegate roles in current job.

Five-year Continuous Improvement Plan (2017 - 2022) The detailed five-year plan will aid in the continuous improvement of identified strength areas and with the identified areas of improvement. Actively working on improving personal knowledge and skills to be an effective follower and leader will greatly benefit the organization. Followership Strengths Identified followership strengths are critical thinking, focus, and commitment. Methods for continuous improvement
A. Develop and teach critical thinking course to Airmen (complete by July 2017).
B. Volunteer to assist with F.E. Warren Six Sigma project to improve commitment to lengthy projects (complete by December 2018).
C. Request to be a part of large projects annually.
1. Develop comprehensive list of objectives to enhance focus (end of projects).
2. Reflect on success of role in the project and adjust the list as necessary.
D. Complete Master’s Degree in Quality Management (2022).
1. Advanced courses will continue building on present knowledge. Followership Improvements
Areas of improvement are creativity, contributing to the team when not in a leadership position, and lack of enthusiasm that energizes the

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