Importance Of Employee Engagement And Communication In Business

Employee engagement and communication in the work place leads to happy customers, more productive employees, a higher retention rate, and an overall increase in work place quality. A work place where employees actually want to work is very productive, and creates an enthusiastic environment which not only appeals to employees but to the customers as well. All of these aspects of business will lead to a successful, profitable business.
The greater amount of employee engagement within a business will ultimately lead to happy customer and will positively affect the number of relationships a business successfully has with their customers. Positive customer engagement such as service and sales is what makes customers want to come back time and
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As stated in, an employee’s customer service productivity is very closely related to their customer employment scores. This means that the better customer service that is provided, the happier the customer, and the more likely for the customer to return. Customer service could simply be answering a customer’s questions or helping them find a product. As former Campbell’s Soup CEO, Doug Conant, once said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. Employee engagement is the key to activating a high performing workforce" (Kruse, What is Employee…show more content…
This is what creates productive employees. Studies have shown that employees are most productive, and have an increased of work when employees are happy with their jobs. An unnamed company as explained in, decreased quality errors from 5,658 parts per million to 52 parts per million when employees were engaged in communication and cared about their jobs (Kruse, Why employee engagement). This will in the long run save a business millions of dollars. It is very easy to tell when an employee likes their jobs. They tend to me happier and more helpful at work. These kind of employees can also bring back customers time and time

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