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The buzzword in the global HR arena these days is ‘employee engagement’. Its impact has become so immense that is has become somewhat indispensible in the realm of the business world where operational efficiency and profit earning are the sole endeavour of any company. The questions are often asked regarding the utility of the employee engagement policies that are adopted by the companies especially in this world of cutthroat competition. These policies have been extremely useful one hand for the organisations; on the other hand they have been a failed drastically as effective HR and internal communications function in lot of companies. Here are some figures that display how Employee engagement practices have bolstered up the efficiency and productivity of the employees and in return have augmented the profits of the companies. According to a new meta-analysis that was conducted by the Gallup organisation amongst 1.4 million employees, the organisations that focus on employee engagement practices to a large extent have reported 22% increase in productivity. These practices even impr...

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