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Hannah Lee Cagle, 84 of Durham, North Carolina passed away Saturday, May 25, 2080 at her home from a heart attack. Hannah was previously of Asheboro, North Carolina, but moved to Durham to follow her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner. She graduated from Randolph Community College with an Associate Degree in Nursing. After she graduated from Randolph Community College, she moved on to gain her Master’s Degree and her Doctorate Degree in Nursing from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She was born with Spina Bifida, which gave her a courageous spirit. She worked as a pediatric nurse practitioner in the Neurosurgery Clinic at Duke University Children’s Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, for over 30 years. She truly believed that it was her calling in life to work with special needs children, and she lived her dream for many years. Hannah was a godly lady who loved the Lord and wanted to live every day of her life to please her Savior. She was very involved in her church, and she tried to impact the world around her in a way that showed Christ to everyone for whom she came into contact with. Hannah was preceded in death by her father Jimmy Cagle of Asheboro, her mother Dianne Cagle of Asheboro, her precious Shih Tzu Molly, and her grandparents of …show more content…

This assignment really allowed me to ponder over my life and think about how I have lived, and how I want to live from this point forward. Writing my eulogy did not unsettle my nerves, but it did give me a sense of purpose. Through writing this, I realized that some of the most “important” aspects of my life are really not that important when looking at the bigger picture. I think writing a eulogy can lead to depression for some people, but writing my eulogy was not depressing for me at all. After this assignment, I would recommend everyone write out what they want said about their lives when they

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  • Explains that hannah lee cagle, 84, of durham, north carolina, passed away from a heart attack on saturday, may 25, 2080. she graduated from randolph community college with an associate degree in nursing.
  • Describes hannah as a godly lady who loved the lord and wanted to live every day of her life to please her savior. she was preceded in death by her father, mother, shih tzu molly, and grandparents of asheboro.
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