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Babies, Bullets and Bee Stings is a book written by a missionary midwife. Her life has been a path meant for God’s use from the very beginning. She grew up in a Christian home which influenced her heavily. She also had a Bible College schooling. From their God opened door after door which would lead her to impact many lives for Christ. The name of the missionary was Hannah Ruth Kaufman. She married a man named Rex McDowell who would be her companion, her stay, and her support. She wrote story after story what missionary life was and is like. Babies, Bullets and Bee Stings is some of the memories of a beloved wife, mother, friend, and midwife/nurse who is still doing her best to be an example to everyone around her.
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This love would lead to God calling her to be a missionary one day. One of her Christmas gifts was ten books on missionaries. She read and read them. From those books she knew that God had set her apart to be a missionary for the Lord. From then on her course was set. She would be a missionary. The next open door that continue her life toward becoming a missionary was Bible College. It was her that she would meet her husband-to-be, Rex McDowell. Unbeknownst to them God led both of them to the same church, where they were the only two students that went. Rex McDowell did not like her at all, in fact he thought that she was pretty plain and cross-eyed. God did not change his mind until he heard her sing and then Rex started to see the beauty her, even though there were times he told himself he was not attracted. Several months passed and on November 11, 1977. That evening he wrote her a little letter on the back of his picture that read, “Dear Hannah, this is the beginning of which we don’t know the ending; but I pray that as we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He shall direct our paths.” (pg.15) God would continue to lead them together even though Rex did not have a missionary call. They knew that God wanted them together. On July 4, 1980 they said, “I do”, ready to do whatever God would lead them to do. Little did they know that it would be eight years before they would get the privilege to …show more content…

This book is a challenge for me to strive to get closer to God and make him the path maker in everything I do. I want to be the missionary wife that supports her husband as he leads the family. I want to be the mother who establishes a love for doing God’s work in her children. I want to be the woman who shows so much God in my life that the ladies around me can see his love. This book really challenged me to really work at doing just that. I want to go out of my comfort zone if that is what God wants. I want to be the missionary women that God

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