Personal Essay: Overcoming Obstacles

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I will succeed, win or overcome all obstacles. I will never give up. I will never allow failure to be an option. I will set goals and I will achieve them. We are obstacles are set in front of us daily. Daily obstacles can range from waking up in the morning when we are overworked to losing a limb or a love done. However, when the outcome is not in my favor I will utilize the situation to find my weaknesses and build a better me for the next battle. I will be slow to anger and deliberate in all actions. I will think before I act. I will practice thoughtful self-control when responding to others. I will know what I intend to do before I react and the possible outcome. This is applicable at home and at work. Every action has a reaction. The only thing I can controll is my impact. It is important to control my emotional responses because my action may result in loss of life, failure of mission, or simply have a detrimental effect on my personal relationships. However, when moved to act with violence physically or verbally, I will strike swiftly with unprecedented power. In carreer in any justice field, specifically military there will come a time when peaceful resolution is not longer an option. When that time comes to solve a solution with force or violence. I will not wait for my opponent to …show more content…

Especially in a justice or military role, all one has to rely on for survival is the person next to them. Life is no different then work when it comes to a support system. A support system is built up of family friends and a romantic partner. Personal relationships are single most important influence in anyone's life. Blood or not, a family will support you and accept you for who you are, they will always be there to bring you up when you're down and love you unconditionally. Therefore, in order for me to maintain my strong support system from my family I must always be there to reciprocate the support they

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