A Brief Biography of Hazel Johnson Brown

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On October 10, 1927, Clarence L. Johnson Sr. & his wife Garnett Henley Johnson gave birth to yet another daughter by the name of Hazel Winifred Johnson in West Chester, Pennsylvania. After, her and her family moved to a Quaker town called Mavern. She was born into a family whose values were strictly discipline, diligence, unity, and pursuit of education. Between her and her other 6 siblings (2 sisters and 4 brothers), Hazel was the one out of them all who always dreamed of being a nurse. She went and applied for Chester School of Nursing, however, she was denied because she was an African American. After being denied to Chester’s School of Nursing, Johnson went on to further her education elsewhere by going to start training at the Harlem Hospital School of Nursing where she graduated in 1950. She then goes on to work in the Harlem Hospital Emergency Ward for 3 years and then practiced on the medical cardiovascular ward at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Philadelphia, all while working to get her baccalaureate at Villanova University. (Hazel Johnson-Brown: Visionary Videos: NVLP: African American History) In 1955, Hazel joined the Army where she became known as the first African American female to become a general in the US Army. She left the Army in 1957 and went back to continue to work on getting her bachelors from Villanova. After finding a program that would help her with the money for school, she joined the Army Nurse Corps’ Registered Nurse Student Program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Villanova University in 1959. In 1960, she began to work as an operating room nurse. While working as an operating room nurse, Johnson obtained her master’s degree from the Columbia University Teachers’ College.... ... middle of paper ... ...hers Hazel also took on the leadership aspect of encouraging the heart of others. When she encouraged the women to do research and share their findings to the rest of the scientific community, Hazel was not only encouraging those women but also exemplifying the leadership trait to push that she had. The way she paved the way for other women has contributed to society today with the furtherance of research from the basics that were found. Woman around the world can thank Hazel W. Johnson for all that she has done for herself as well as the female society. Her contributions helped to strengthen the female society as a whole. She encouraged females to follow their dreams and she made it known that it is possible to do whatever it is that you put your mind to. All it takes is determination and hard work. Hazel Johnson Brown is now an idol whom we look up to and admire.

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