Divorce: A Catalyst for Personal Growth

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There are numerous moments, and people in my life that have influenced me and caused change and growth. But I think one moment in particular has had more so much influence on me, that if it hadn’t happened, I probably wouldn’t be who I am today. The day that my parents divorced had such a lasting impact on me that it has affected my decisions even as an adult. But if things had been different I probably wouldn’t be the same.
I can remember a time long ago when we were all together as a family. Those memories are so long ago though and are very faded, I can only remember bits and pieces now. My parents divorced in 1989 in Farmington N.M. and my life would never be the same. So many things changed the day my parents, my family, split up. My father moved away to Las Vegas, N.V. shortly after the divorce was finalized. We only occasionally saw him after that, usually when all the planets were in alignment. It wasn’t his fault nor was it my mother’s fault, it was just difficult for things to line up properly for a visit. But that’s just how things go sometimes. My mother moved us …show more content…

They knew that they could trust me and that I would be there for them when needed. At the same time, I was the authority in the house most of the time, so my sibling and I would clash at times because they didn’t feel they should have to listen to me. This isolated me from my siblings at times, due to the fact that my parents were so busy or gone, I learned to be alone and deal with things on my own, I rarely had the commodity of advisors to help me solve such situations. This also put my mother and I at odds, because I was responsible for things at the house, if they weren’t done I was accountable for it and would be punished. We always worked things out amongst ourselves and found a way to make things work in our home though. It was definitely a different dynamic from the days when our parents were

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