Green Marketing Case Study

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Discussion Section

In this discussion section I will discuss why promoting an environmental image to our customers is going to alter the way they buy their products (in this case “Safe-Ware”). I will also discuss the areas in which we can accomplish the consumer’s minds and make them choose our silverware over another brand.

Why should we promote?

Consumer Behavior

From research I have learned that consumers attitudes towards environmental protection is increasing. I have discovered that having a green image does matter to consumers. They are aggressively trying to change the way they have impacted our world (Green Marketing, 1 of 7). Some of the reasons that consumers are changing their attitudes are because of their gain in knowledge.
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They need to know quickly and clearly. They don’t want to look on the back and try to search for why the product is eco friendly. By adding the word compostable to the front, along with the name “Eco-Ware” and the question, it will tie everything together and complete the packaging so that our silverware will stand out. The word compostable is a word that is known by many consumers and it is often linked together with the concept of “going green”. In my research I learned that from review of literature that although many people know about “green” knowledge” many don’t have the depth of knowledge they need to live a green lifestyle. They have very low knowledge of what companies produce eco friendly products (Green Marketing, 7 of 7). With these three simple changes I think the consumers will have no excuse for not knowing that our product is heading towards a environmentally protected planet. The textbook also talks about managing the heads of the consumers to change their habits (Pg. 169). I know that consumers have the habit of always going for the cheapest. I know that may be me sometimes. But by adding what I have discusses above I truly believe that the consumers actions may be changed when they come back each trip to the store to try to buy products that help out our environment. We already have had the certificate of approval to have the word compostable on the front, but I believe now is the time to add
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