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In the article “Understanding Alternative Choices of Handmade Cosmetics in Postmodern Consumer Society” Pernilla Arbajian and Yaran Di discuss how consumers perceive purchasing handmade cosmetics. Di defines “Handmade Cosmetics” as, “cosmetics made by human and made from natural ingredients, as opposed to cosmetics that are mass-produced, machine-made and made from chemical additives” (Di, 2014). The Bee’s Knees definitively can be described using this definition as a handmade cosmetic company. Companies today are aware of consumers being scattered and varied about their beliefs. This study goes through the steps and processes that consumers go through when deciding if a product if handmade or natural (regardless of how it is actually made) and how consumers assign meanings to their products of interest in their daily lives. It is concluded in the study that consumers do have an emotional attachment to handmade cosmetics. (This could be the transition to values) It is also discussed how it is important to the consumers who purchase handmade that the products are unique, and creates even more value when a product is high in uniqueness. Less packaging leads to an increase in customer trustworthiness of a product actually being hand made. Di discusses what we inferred that consumers sometimes have displaced meanings of handmade cosmetics versus traditional cosmetics depending mainly upon packaging. Bianca Culasso discusses the Valuable Factors Shaping the Shopping Experience in her article, “Natural Cosmetics and Consumer Touchpoints.” Culasso studies the growing market of “eco-friendly” products in Italy in this article, she goes into detail about the trendiness of sustainable consumption. Culasso investigates into the depth of con... ... middle of paper ... ...y friendly cosmetics. Tom Page and Gisli Thorsteinsson discuss in their article, “The Value of Craft” what makes consumers purchase products based on whether or not they are crafted or if they’re mass produced. This study shows the differences in purchasing patterns of those consumers known to be more aware of unique products and to what degree those consumers value different, or handmade products. Multiple surveys and other forms of research ultimately had to be done in order to complete the study because the topic proved to be complex. Follow up surveys and pre-surveys were completed in order to test whether or not these consumers had any preconceived notions or extreme emotions toward crafted products vs. mass produced products. Page defines craft as, “Craft is a process of products being designed and made through the hands of the same individual” (Page, 2017).

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