Environment Analysis and Market Research: A Case Study of Coca Cola

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Environment analysis and market research: A case study of Coca Cola. The Coca Cola Company has been among the world’s top companies that have been able to perform well in all the areas of the world. The company follows the latest strategic research and evaluation methods to formulate such strategic policies that helps in not only meeting the customer expectations and desires but also achieving various organizational goals and objectives. The main threat of the company is not from the local producers but from the global producer Pepsi Co that has similar product line and methods of manufacturing and distribution. The company expects to develop and grow its business in India. In this view the company has been making heavy investment and expects to control Indian beverage market in the coming years. The various methods used by the company to stay in business are discussed in this research. Table of Contents Executive Summary: 2 An introduction to Coca cola Company: 4 Environmental Review: 4 a. Economic Environment: 5 b. Cultural Environment: 5 c. Political Environment: 6 d. Regulatory Environment: 6 e. Buyers and Competitors: 6 Buyer Behavior: 7 a. Local Competitors: 8 b. Global Competitors: 8 Marketing Research: 9 a. Regional Strategy: 11 b. Market Entry Regional Strategy: 11 c. Market Entry Options: 12 Evaluation: 12 Marketing Strategy: 13 a. Product/Service: 13 b. Strategy Pricing: 13 c. Strategy Distribution: 14 d. Strategy Promotion: 14 e. Strategy Advertising: 14 Strategy Sources: 15 Conclusion: 15 Bibliography 15 An introduction to Coca cola Company: The Coca-Cola Company is global well known company. The Company re-entered Indian markets in year 1993. The company had to leave earli... ... middle of paper ... ...Online] Available at: http://globaledge.msu.edu/blog/post/1351/parse-url.js [Accessed 01 May 2014]. Goldstein, D., 2007. What is Customer Segmentation. [Online] Available at: mindofmarketing.net. Malhotra, N.K., 2002. Basic Marketing Research: A Decision-Making Approach. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.: Prentice Hall. Poell, R.F., 2007. The future of HRD research: A SWOT analysis by five leading scholars in the field. ERESOURCES. Samli, C.A., 1995. International consumer behavior: its impact on marketing strategy development. Quorum Books. TheEconomist, 2014. India. [Online] Available at: http://country.eiu.com/India [Accessed 01 May 2014]. Townsley, R., Frances, J., Levacic, R. & Mitchell, J., 1991. Markets, Networks and Hierarchies: The coordination of social life. London: Sage. Vives, X.2., 2001. Oligopoly Pricing: Old Ideas and New Tools. MIT press.

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