Cold Stone Case Study

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Brand personality
In 1997, Aker defined brand personality as “The set of human characteristics associated with a brand.” (Aker, 1997).

Cold Stone started in 1988 as a “new ice cream concept”, and although it was not the first ice-cream mixing company (Eli Protony), they successfully managed to create the buzz needed to generate a public image to be a leader. The fresh ingredients used in their shops combined with their employees’ style and their “song like” welcome line gives the place a cheerful, exciting and young atmosphere especially when considering the acrobatic way their cons are filled with ice-cream. The image of the shops goes way behind being a regular ice-cream shop; it is a place that will definitely make you happy. They will sing for you, dance, jump, and smile and finally give you an amazingly delicious treat.
In 2002, Cold stoned partnered with Make-A-Wish foundation lunching a charity program funding over 100,000USD. Which clearly was meant to give the social, carling and giver traits to the company, especially that the program went very well, and in 2003 Cold Stone was the first company ever to raise up to USD 340,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The company further stressed on the socially aware image, in 2004, 2005 they managed to raise more money. The company successfully managed to be perceived as the “good “ice-cream company. In 2006, Cold Stone went into the “smoothies” and managed to take the lead in the
Smoothies booming market, giving it the ever renewing, up to date, and intelligent company image.
The “love it love it” campaign that was launched in 2007, was all about the love and the passion of ice-cream. The promotion stressed on the motional side, it was all about how much people would love...

... middle of paper ...’s social approval would increase, and they may positively affect customers’ self respect, as being environmentally positive. If these campaigns are focusing on customers as a social responsibility and engaging customers through making an environmental-green and healthy eating community, customers and self satisfaction and loyalty level of engagement would increase.
because cold stone wants to build strong customer relationship, It lauanched mobile coupon program, in which customers can send the word cream to certain number, then they can get free scoop of an ice cream. this way of advertising was done to increase sales in the shop. cold stone succseeded in using mobile marketing and promotion. ''love it love it'' campagian was released by cold stone, in order to test customer love for ice cream. each advertisment in cold stone has its own story.
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