Gratification Theory In Social Media

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With the emergence of new socialmedias, it has effectively improved how Public Relations professionals perform their duties of building and establishing a brand or company. Now, it is easier to publicize and promote your brand to the masse through social networks, rather than normal promotional tactics. You would think that with anyone having the ability for their voice to be heard through social media would hurt aprofession. With the increase of technology; it is common for someone to find out news on their phones. Social media has 3 advantages the Public Relations Professionals use to enhance the perception of a brand; “Free” sites to advertise and promote, build short distance relationships with your audience, and increasing exposure of your brand, company, or product.
Social media is about relationships as much as tactics and techniques. A strong human element to your brand will help customers trust your credibility and perspective. It has become imperative for a journalist, companies, and organizations to use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to get breaking news out faster and promote their publications. You can update your hourly about an event, new item, community involvement, or etc, and easily get out your message.
Throughout my paper, Media Dependency and Uses of Gratification Theories will be used to get my point across. The pieces of material used in my literature review, will help prove that social media that is used as a huge stepping tool by public relation to enhance to perception of a brand.
Below is a graph showing all of the different effective social media sites that are commonly used. Statistic shows that the 2 most effective sites are Facebook and Twitter. Eight out of every 10 business are connected to...

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...paper were very helpful to my research. Now days, Public Relations Professionals are becoming more and more dependent of social media to do their duties. With social media having a plethora of effective advantages, they make sure to execute correctly.
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have advanced there relevancy. The beauty of this field is the fact that a large part of the worldwide population is somehow connected.Public Relations and social media have become partners in a way. With the help of social media, PR professional can successfully and effectively perform their duties. This paper has proventhat there are 3 advantages to social media used by Public Relations professional. “Free” sites to advertise and promote, building short distance relationships with your audience, and increasing exposure of your brand, company, or product.

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