The Importance Of Social Media For Marketing

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“Social Media is participatory online media where news, photos, videos, and podcasts are made public via social media websites through submission. Normally accompanied with a voting process to make media items become popular” (Evans, 2012).Social media can have a very big impact on the reputation of a company. Because we are living in an age of information, people could be easy to get some important information from social media. Every day, people use social media for work, shopping or fun. So, if a company wants a successful marketing strategy, it must make good use of Internet. Although some people who work in company said a company should not use things online for marketing, a companies should because the majority of people use Internet every day, which enables many new ways to open relationships. Also, companies can use social media to understand what customers need and what could be improved. In the age of information, social media is more and more important to help people to get information. Today, computers are closely linked to most of the people in the world. People want to talk with their friends on the Facebook, people cannot do that…show more content…
But, a company should use social media for marketing because people use Internet to check many different social media platform every day. There have many different kind of people in the world, social media can make more and more people see the information about the company and social media can make customers and companies have good communication. Right now, social media is become more and more important because people get information from Internet. The world will become a global village because of the existence of social media, and social media can make customers feel more comfortable about information exchange. In the future, social media will integrate into human life have a mix-up at reception. Social media will make human life more simple and
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