Compare And Contrast Facebook And Twitter Essay

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The Contrast Between Facebook And Twitter
Social media has become a major epidemic in today’s society. According to millions of people have signed up on social media websites, allowing their basic information to be shared with the world wide web. Two of the biggest social media websites today are Facebook and Twitter. The new generation tends to use Twitter over Facebook, the older generation prefer Facebook over Twitter. Though Facebook and Twitter serve the same purpose and have many similarities, they both differ in many ways.
The purpose between both Facebook and Twitter is to share one 's information on an online community. Facebook users can write a status with an unlimited character amount about what’s on their minds. For example, the user can express their views on a general topic, share life changing events, or even talk about an event they will attend. Twitter on the other hand, is based on little updates in the user’s daily life, called a tweet. Tweets have a limit character amount of one hundred forty, limiting the thought
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Since Facebook has a broad audience range, many age groups use facebook daily. These interactions can create connections between relatives and friends that live far away to come together and become up to date on the user’s life. Restating the statement earlier about twitter being geared towards a younger audience, most older generations don’t have a Twitter account so these users don’t have the same opportunity as the Facebook users. Meeting new friends is also a strong possibility through both of these sites. Both Facebook and Twitter gives an unlimited boundary between meeting new people. Social media was created because of these users wanting to create better connections with the people behind the screen. It offers a better understanding between users and shows others how their days and lives
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