Marketing Through Social Media ( Exploratory Essay )

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Marketing through Social Media (Exploratory Essay)
Throughout the ages there have been many intriguing ways that businesses have portrayed their product or services for accessibility. Recently, businesses have been researching how to market the businesses product through the World Wide Web. With websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram since it started becoming popular within the past 20 Years. People have started to relied on the internet heavily over the past decade, whether it would be for searching to find out information out on products or people. The number of people that use the Internet on a daily bases is "3,611,375,813" as of "June 30th 2016" (Internet Usage Statistics). That means throughout the world, companies can advertise and market to people that use a search engine by putting up ad 's on the side of any given website itself. Businesses also use branding for consumers to remember their company. Marketing specialists use methods such as colour schemes and ionic symbols to get the ad to stand out and become memorable.
The first way, businesses express their ways of marketing in the 20th century is through social media and expressing interest in people 's hobbies. It has been recorded by the "Forrester research" all ads trading trafficking on exchanges, which increased about "17.5% to about 629 billion impressions in 2012, from 535 billion in 2011" (Vega, Tanznia). This fact shows how much the Internet has blossomed and started a revolution of different ways marketing can be portrayed to people outside of the area of where your business is located. As a business you can have your ad posted on a website for a lower charge than you would if you wanted to pay for a billboard for a lease. The cost of advertising o...

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...inesses succeed on online marketing. One of the "laws" is "The law of Listening ' this is when you as a business start to listen more to the customer more than talk about your product, as a business they would need to do what the customer thinks is best. (Gunelius, Susan) It helps create bonds to customers by listening to them about the products and taking the customers opinion into consideration.
After all, media marketing is very influential in the world of business and marketing. More and more business are working at creating a more well rounded inter-web advertisement scheme. Through the placement and strategic plan on making the ad and where to put it and how to make the ad stand out to the streamers on the websites the businesses ad is on. Media marketing will continue to grow and proceed as time progresses and more and more people gain access to the internet
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