George Bush and Leadership

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George Bush and Leadership

George W. Bush, the 43 President of The United States of America, is one of the greatest leaders we have ever seen. In this essay I will describe why, I feel that Mr. Bush is a highly qualified leader for this country. Mr. Bush is highly educated, has the aptitude for being the President and is a great communicator. Mr. Bush is also a person of strong constitution or stability, extremely motivated and cooperative. The later being extremely important when one considers the close ratio of Democrats to Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate. Due to his high level of leadership potential I am of the opinion the US is currently being lead by one of the most capable and qualified candidates of recent memory.

George W. Bush was born July 6th, 1946 and grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas. He received a Bachelor's degree from Yale University as well as a Masters in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School. Mr. Bush has made several million dollars as an oil and gas businessman and was a part owner in the Texas Ranger Baseball team. He was elected as Governor to the State of Texas in November of 1994 and was re-elected to a second term to the same office in 1998. In one of the most widely publicized and highly scandalous Presidential campaigns, George W. Bush became the current US President.

Mr. Bush is a great communicator and I feel that this has been proven in the recent Presidential race. I feel that he very clearly organized and outlined his campaign and was the most well received candidate by the American people. Before all of the scheduled debates, Mr. Bush was clearly outlined as the under dog when compared to the other candidates. Yet when the debates were complete, Mr....

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... and every goal that he sets for himself. He has been successful in politics but not only in that forum. He has a successful marriage, a feat that should not be overlooked in today's society, two wonderful children and a business and financial career that is second to few. He has proven that he is going to succeed at any and all costs and he will defeat the strongest of opponents.

In this short essay I feel that I have shown how our current President, George W Bush has succeeded due to his high level of leadership abilities. He is a communicator, motivator, cooperator, and administrator, he is intellectual, emotionally stable, and has drive and interest required to succeed. All of these traits lend themselves to Mr. Bush's great success and leadership abilities and I feel that in four years the American people will be pleased with his work record as our leader.
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