Roosevelt's Legacy

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Theodore Roosevelt was a man uniquely fitted to the role that he played in American history. He became President of the United States at the crucial crossroads of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. At the turn of the century, the U.S. had faced countless problems as the result of the industrial revolution's effects on society and politics. Reform was needed and it took a man of great vision and ambition to make the changes the American public sought to gain. Roosevelt was the type of man needed by America to improve standards of living, earn purity in democracy, create fairness in business practice, protect the natural environment and earning the respect of foreign nations during the United States' rise to global power. Teddy Roosevelt was at the reigns of America in its gallop to lead the world into the twentieth century; and with his vast progressive ideals and clear foresight of the nation's path, he found remarkable success. In many aspects, he can be regarded as the first modern president, as he confronted and many problems faced by the nation during his time and set standards by which we still follow today. As Roosevelt's first major act as President, he focused primarily on the separation of the Northern Securities trust formed by the economic powerhouses at that time. Roosevelt witnessed the monopoly that had formed and acted quickly to extinguish it before other trusts of this magnitude could form. In 1903, he asked Congress to create the Department of Commerce and a Bureau of Corporations to investigate possible business trusts and prevent unlawful practices. This allowed smaller businesses a greater chance of success by creating an opportuni... ... middle of paper ... ...e was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. During the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, America needed a leader to face the concerns facing the nation as it moved into the modern age. The industrial revolution sparked many economic concerns such as the formation of monopolies. This revolution also raised issues of land preservation and conservation when natural resources were being consumed at rates never before seen in the world. And foreign policies needed reform as America continued to establish itself as a major world power. Teddy Roosevelt was the type of leader the nation needed to stand up to these challenges and create solutions for the daunting problems of his time. It was TR's great ambition which drove the United States into the modern era and his legacy has branded him as America's first modern chief executive.