Greatness of Lyndon B. Johnson

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Greatness of LBJ

Many Presidents over the years have shown greatness through their leadership. Each has shown this in their individual way. It takes the ability to deal with whatever may come up, as far as politics are concerned, and handle it with care. Also it takes making a difference in society instead of just settling for the United States being ok as it is. The extra step that some take, separates the normal from the great. Lyndon B. Johnson was one of the Presidents who stood out by taking the extra step. LBJ showed presidential greatness through passing groundbreaking legislation and improving society.
To get a feel for how Lyndon Johnson came to achieve greatness, let us look at how his journey began. In 1908, Lyndon was born on a farm near Stonewall, Texas to his loving parents Samuel and Rebekah. His father was a man who had a love for politics and instilled it into his son at an early age. Lyndon would hide “under tables or stand behind doors, straining to hear every word of his father’s evening bull sessions with political friends” (Schulman, 7). His father would also take him on trips with Sam Johnson, a member of the Texas State Legislation. On such trips, he learned his father’s liberalism and also learned a strategy of Sam’s by “getting really close to someone, nose to nose, when he wanted to convince them of something” (7). These tactics and others such as Sam’s honesty in regards to not taking bribes were characteristics which helped mold him.
After finishing his schooling, LBJ took his first steps in the political world. At a state railroad commission meeting, a former governor, Pat Neff, never showed up to give his speech. This gave LBJ an opportunity of a lifetime. LBJ stood up with great confidence and made a speech for him, showing his skills in public speaking. The speech, although generic, had a great affect on his political career. His initiative gave him his break into politics because a man by the name Welly Hopkins. After hearing the speech, Hopkins felt Johnson was a bright man and appointed him manager of his campaign. Later he recommended him to Richard Kleberg, who was a federal representative for the state of Texas. This was his passage into Washington. As secretary for Kleberg, he did most of the work and worked his way on up the government ladder to become President of the United States. These factors of initiative, ...

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...or government and for the people. He established two new cabinet-level positions, Departments of Transportation and of Housing and Urban Development. With this, he passed the Model Cities Act, which gave 1.2 billion dollars to improving housing, health and education across the country in areas, which needed it the most. This was another step to minorities having a better chance at improving their lifestyle if they were not blessed with a great deal of money.
LBJ showed presidential greatness through passing groundbreaking legislation and improving society, as we know it. With these efforts made by LBJ, our society has changed forever. His leadership along with his skills with legislation helped pass needed bills through quickly. He worked to improve the lives of so many people and to help our society work as one; and, working as one, we can live happier lives with a true sense of freedom. Kennedy’s motives may have started a great deal of the programs Johnson passed, but it took his great skills to get these measures passed in the legislative branch. Johnson’s hard work and his striving for a better society made him one of the presidents of our time.
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