The Life and Legacy of Donald Trump

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The Life and Legacy of Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14th, 1946 (Ask Men 3). The fourth child of Fred and Mary-Anne Trump, Donald was born into wealth and prosperity. His family operated the profitable New York real estate developing company, specializing in middle-income housing, Elizabeth Trump & Sons (Biography 2). Trump was an energetic child and was sent to military school during his teen years to learn disciple (Ask Men 5). He succeeded at The New York Military Academy and became a star student, football, baseball, and soccer player (Encyclopedia of World Biography 2). Graduating in 1964, he momentarily considered pursuing a film degree but instead decided to enroll at Fordham University, and later transfer to The Whorton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. During the summer, Trump would work with his father in the real estate industry, gaining experience. It was during this time him and his father undertook the revamping of a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Swifton Village. After investing only a half a million dollars into the units, him and his father were able to reach 100% occupancy in two years and turned over a $6 million profit (Korte 4). He graduated from The Whorton School with a degree in economics in 1968 (Encyclopedia of World Biography 4).

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Shortly after his graduation, Trump moved back to Manhattan and began undertaking the first of his solo real estate development deals. He took on several massive projects during this time, the first of which capitalized on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad company declaring bankruptcy (Encyclopedia of World Biography 4). Trump originally intended to renovate the west yard into an apartment complex,...

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...entures. His immense wealth and name recognition is nothing to be forgotten. He will always be THE DONALD.

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