Gender Wage Gap Essay

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Throughout the history of the world, discrimination in all forms has been a constant struggle, whether it is race, gender, religion, appearance or anything else that makes one person different from another, it is happening every day. One significant discrimination problem that is affecting many women takes place in the work place. As of recently the gender wage gap has become a major topic for discussion. The gender wage gap is the average difference between men and women aggregated hourly earnings. Women who are equally trained and educated, and with the same experience are getting paid way less than men. In 2015, female full time workers earned eighty cents for every dollar earned by men. Gender wage inequality dates all the way back to World War II when more and more women entered the labor force. “Everything You Need to Know about the Equal…show more content…
The stakeholders of the chapter I read called, Women earn Less than men Due to Gender Discrimination, is Joel Wendland, who is a professor of liberal studies at Grand Valley State University. This chapter discusses different factors that play a role in the gender wage gap such as choosing to have children, gender discrimination, and how minorities are at a disadvantage of perusing higher education. The average women will lose $523,000 in her lifetime due to unequal pay due to gender discrimination. Although women are more likely to have college degrees, women still receive only seventy-six percent of men’s pay. Among African American men and women, earning college degrees is the widest among all other races due to institutionalized racism and the drive to keep black men out of college. Another key point addressed in the book is when women choose to have children they lose income, jobs, experience, and retirement
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