Do Women Deserve Equal Pay Essay

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Do Women Deserve Equal Pay?
Yes or No?
From the beginning of history and to this day women still get paid less than the average man, but why? Whoever said that women are incapable of good work performance? Whoever said that women do not have the same responsibilities to maintain? What really makes a women’s work inferior to men? The answer is nothing. Today, women are depended on just as much as men, and are capable of performing at their level. However, a full-time working woman earns only seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man makes. These days women make up half the workplace in our society; they work just as hard and for the same reasons. Women deserve to be paid at an equal rate as men because they are relied on to uphold the same responsibilities and are just as qualified to perform at a man’s level.
Women and their Families Rely on Women’s Salary
Many people do not realize how important the salary of a woman is, or how much one family may depend on it. Many may think that all men are head of all households. However that is not always the case. More than fifteen point one million family households are headed by women. Of these households, thirty-two percent or 4,826,159 families have an income that falls below the federal poverty line. That’s almost five million homes and families who are considered poor all because of the unfair gender pay gap we have today (National Partnerships).
The reduced earnings of women have an impact on 7.4 million households run by single working women. Over two point one million families consisting of working single mothers were considered poor. An added two point four million working single mothers were severely struggling to barely make ends meet. They were falling between 100 and 200 pe...

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...and go through the same schooling; they deserve to be paid equally for what they worked for, just like men do (Wage Project).
Women without a doubt do deserve equal pay. The gender pay gap may only last for a couple more years or maybe the wage gap may always exist. However that doesn’t make it right. Women go through their daily lives hearing the many excuses society throws at them. Men matter more, they need the money more, their more qualified, and so on. Nevertheless, none of that is true; women have proved to be independent hard working females who are depended on just as much as men. They have the same responsibilities to uphold and are just as qualified to perform at a man’s level. This wage gap has gone on for long enough and it is a women right as a citizen to be looked upon as an equal. Every women matters, every dollar matters, the wage gap matters.
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